Bringing Bangkok at its finest

to Bali


Thy Neighbour is born out of a little boy’s dream to recreate the nostalgic ambience and authentic tastes of Bangkok in the 1940s.

Three years, three cities and hundreds of recipes later, the boy finally found the right place he can call home in Ubud - Bali


“I used to live in Thailand for 5 years and am back every month and love, love, love authentic Thai food. Having known the real deal has been somewhat of a curse, since I've been consistently disappointed with Thai food in Indonesia.

But Thy Neighbour didn't disappoint.


Bangkok is a world class food city and Thy Neighbour is in trend with what's happening in Bangkok now. Their food is innovative, fresh and always evolving. Their cocktails are also dangerous, but most of all they have a solid selection of imported craft beer - which Bangkok is now growing famous for. Its a perfect pair for their food. Cheers!”

– Aaron, USA


Your beloved Thai neighbour who cooks Classic Thai with a twist!